Friday, 21 December 2007

Honest .... I am alive!

OK, I only seem to be posting every month .. how bad is that! Well, the pins are out and sat in the cupboard along with the photos and xrays, already to be scrapped! However, the physio I'm having 3 times a week for 45 mins a time is a KILLER, but we will get there in the end!

Not been upto any scrapping as yet, have started altering Monograms for the kids, once finished will upload too. Have many layouts planned in my mind, may start on some in the next few days but will just have to take my time over them so not to aggrovate my hand!

Geoff had a fab birthday party - Movie Theme, everyone came dressed up, Geoff was Woody, I was Snow White! We also had Fred and Wilma Flintsone, Cleopatra, Zorro, Pochantas, Sandy from Grease, Gladiator and various others. Will have to upload some photos, oh not forgetting Kayleigh and Lewis, Kayleigh decided she was a baddie and Lewis was bob the builder and then a mini woody!

We are all set for christmas, and I must apologise for the impersonal approach to xmas cards this year, unfortunately, I am unable to write!

Friday, 9 November 2007


Dancing Queen, young and sweet only 17!!! Well this is myself and Geoff, with Anita and John at a function on Wednesday - had a fantastic night!

Why the delay in posts, well, had surgery on my wrist, and have only just got a bit more freedom with, back in for daysurgery in 2 weeks to remove 2 pins, deep joy!!!

Will update properly in the next few days, got memorial service and horse racing on Sunday!

Olive - I'll get you taggy thingy done soon too.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

We Won a Prize in the Lucky Draw!!!

Wahoo, we went to the US Navy Ball last night - what a scream, we danced and drank loads and to top it off Geoff won a prize in the Lucky Draw - it's a Step Cabinet, just got to wait for it to be delivered, once it's here shall take a photo and upload it!

Our next function in early November and the theme is formal but with a twist, 70's theme, guess who we've decided to go as with John and Anita - ABBA, bring on the Flares!

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

No Excuses

Right - what can I say, sorry I've not blogged in ages, no excuses!

What's been happening - no a lot! Got a ball to go to this Saturday, now my big decision is what colour dress do I wear, pink, blue, purple, black or red - any suggestions!

We've just brought Lewis this new fabby bed, as soon as I get a photo of it I shall upload it, he absolutely loves it!

I've had to hang up my scrapbooking gloves for a wee while, I've torn a ligament in my wrist and find it too sore when setting eyelets, cutting out etc, but it's not stopped me from attending some classes. Once again I shall up load layouts in the next day or two! I am awaiting approval from the powers that be to get an operation on it - shall keep you posted!

Kayleigh and Lewis are loving school and both coming on really well, it's strange hearing Lewis saying his letters. Kayleigh has been selected to play in the Recorder ensemble - god help my ears!

Geoff has booked them in for a free trial in a few weeks at taekwondo (sp!), Lewis is really excited, he's also told us that when he grows up he wants to do what daddy does - how cute, but he's never leaving home!!!!

I've got lots of little projects on the go at the moment too, door hangers for the kids rooms, pencil pot holder for Geoff, loads of layouts planned but unable to do - it's a nightmare!

Anyway, if you read this, I'm running out ot Tetley, can anyone help????

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Was on Holiday - Sorry Folks!

OK so I've been back in the UK for the last 3 weeks, then home for a week getting the kids re-adjusted to the time difference, fun - NOT!!!!!

What's happened, Kayleigh's turned 6, I've had a birthday, the kids have gone back to school, and I'm back to work. Off to a Hungry Ghost Festival this evening, out for my birthday on Friday and then Saturday we have tickets to see Funeral for a Friend - no idea who they are, but we shall see!

Have some fabby photos, which I will endeavour to upload shortly, a cracking one of Kayleigh having a wash, and one that I will bring up at Isabella's wedding for definate!

Actually I will try to post those two now to keep you going!

Sunday, 29 July 2007

I'm back!

But I don't know where I've been ... and why I've not updated on here recently! It's not like I've been busy at work to be honest, I've been very quiet, and perhaps instead of spending time scrapping at work, I should've updated my blog!

Well, some of you will know that I'm off to UK with the kids on Thursday, they are both so very excited about seeing Granny, Grandad, Karen and Izzy, unfortunately Bry won't be around to see us! What else are they excited about I shall tell you - seeing Cows and Sheep in fields, you see you don't get them in fields here.

Planning on doing some scrapping today and sorting out clothes for our hols, not sure what to take as the weather has been so unpredictable recently!? Wellies I thin will be the order of the day! I'm also going to see if I can tart up my blog a bit too!

Please leave me some comments, if I succeed to do so!

Monday, 2 July 2007

Only 4 Mad Monday Mornings to Go ........

Morning All, well had a quiet weekend, just chilling out running around after the kids, dancing, birthday parties, shopping etc ... brought both the kids a Nintendo DS (mainly for my own sanity), on the flight home! We leave on 2nd August and come home on 24th August, so plenty of time to catch up with everyone.

Guess what, I'm doing an online photography course and the following photo has been chosen as one of the favourites of the woman running the course - how happy am I, it's a great way to start a Monday morning!

Thank goodness the school holiday is nearly here, will I be saying that in two weeks time - I doubt it very much!

Thursday, 28 June 2007

What a month .... Scrapping & Mad Pensioners!

Well, I've been absent from posting on here for a while - reason is that I took part in the Amazing Loft Race, a local forum here set up an amazing race scrapping style competition. It was so much fun and I produced 7 layouts in 7 days - boy by the end of it I was totally exhausted!

These are just a few of the favourite layouts that I completed!

Now pensioners - arrgh pains in the butts! Siblings squabbling over their dead mothers pension, threatening to kill themselves, sending me total rubbish with no explanation, and just lonely ones wanting a chat ***** I declare JUNE officially, Nutty Pensioner Month *****

Lewis has his Sports Day tomorrow, and then only one more week left a school, thank goodness won't have to get up at silly o clock for 2 months - wahoo!

Monday, 11 June 2007

Evening, I've been promising myself to update more often, and more often than not forget!!!

Well, whats been happening, not much really, managed to read a book in about 3 days, done a bit of scrapping, been out and about and that's about it really!

Off to the Queens Birthday Party at the High Commissioners this week - what fun! Geoff is doing the sunset ceremony for it!

Kayleigh is now like a little mermaid in the water, so confident and Lewis isn't far behind, sure he'll be swimming very very soon!

That's about all for now .... probably be back in about another 12 days to update again!

Thursday, 31 May 2007

Scrapping Production Line!

Have had a very lazy day, scrapping, didn't even get out of my pj's!!! I've completed 4 layouts and 2 cj entries today and I've loved it! I'm on a roll and there is no stopping me!

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Gorgeous Wee Man

Sun-tabulous Bali

Well, what a fantastic time was had by all!

We went to the Paddy Fields , and Central Market at Ubud, and paid a visit to our favourite market stall holder

We also went to Kuta to watch the sunset, it was beautiful, then right at the last minute the sun disappeared behind a cloud!

The news from the holiday is that Kayleigh started to swim, and now there is no stopping her - she's like a little mermaid!

Catch Up!

Ok, so I've been mega busy, well, lazing on the beach in Bali and have not updated for some time.

Firstly, the raft race - THEY DIDN'T SINK but came very close to it though! The Sembawang Buccaneers came 3rd in the International Race - they won a trophy and $100, which they are going to donate to charity.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, a big round of applause for Charlie, Graeme, Geoff and Mick!

Thursday, 17 May 2007


How jammy is Charlie - we took him and Sharon along to an Embassy Cocktail Party at Raffles Hotel last night, and guess who won 1st prize in the Lucky Draw - yep Charlie! First prize is a one night stay at the hotel, so guess who'll be looking after Dylan - yep muggins!

What can I say, will we hear the pitter patter of tiny feet belonging to Raffles Howe in 9 months time, we shall have to wait and see!

It's only 3 more sleeps now and then we are off to Bali for a little break, can't wait, I could do with some R & R!

Tonight the fellas are all meeting round Geoff bosses house to build the raft - only time will tell how good it is, roll on Sunday, can't wait to see them sink!

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Vistors Have Landed for 3 Weeks!

How naughty am I? I've not updated my blog for a while! Well, been busy with cocktail parties here there and everywhere, trying to complete my essay, doing a few layouts here and then, visitors arriving etc etc.

Well, Charlie, Sharon and Dylan arrived safely, poor Charlie got dragged out by Geoff within an hour or two of being here to wet a babies head!!! Dunno what time they got home as when I woke up at 6 Geoff was snoring on the sofa!!!

We are trying to book a little holiday to Phuket sometime next week - can't wait really looking forward to it! On Wednesday this week we have a Cocktail party at Raffles Hotel, can't wait should be good fun!

I'm also doing an online photography course, so as and when I get some decent photos of the kids and Lewis isn't running a mile everytime he sees the camera I'll upload them here. This weeks assignment is to use natural light and get a silhoutte!

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Afternoon All, well the mission was successful and now hopefully the maid mafia will stop hassling poor Jerome! Shall I disclose how we accomplished it! Well, I left my car at work on the Thursday evening, Geoff took Lewis to school and I just laid low! I was armed with Video camera and camera. Jerome was chatting to the maid next door when the Witch turned up. It was the first time that Jerome had met her. Well, she tore into Jerome in Tagalog, so I couldn't work out what they were saying. She went there, more words were exchanged, and they agreed that it was something that happened in the past, that the furniture was to stay as MG had signed it over in front of a witness at the Philipine Embassy and that it has nothing to do with Jerome. So peace at last .... hopefully!

Today I went and had coffee with Lorna, it was nice to meet up with her as she was only in transit after being in Australia for a month, she's due to fly back tomorrow. By all accounts she has had a brilliant holiday. It was nice to see a familiar face!

Nothing else really planned for today, just trying to get a cheap and cheerful holiday to somewhere with a beach for when the Howes arrive in just over a week! My peace will be shattered! Also, want to make a start on my next essay and try to get that finished before they arrive. Have lots of scrapping that I want to do to, but I could do with another 5 hours in the day to get that accomplished.

Well, I shall be off, hope to hear from some of you soon. Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Maid Mafia

What a couple of days I've had, well, not me personally but my new maid! See she's being targeted by the old, wise maids of the estate, so much so that she's been reduced to tears the last few days!

Well, we've come up with a cunning plan, I shall not reveal too much just yet ... but it'll take place tomorrow! Let's just hope that it'll all fall into place and we put a stop to this saga!

Watch this space!

Woke up this morning with a crusty ear - lovely! Luckily I've caught an ear infection right at the first stages so hopefully some ear drops will sort it out.

Kayleigh and Lewis are loving the new maid and adore her to pieces. It's great to come home to happy kids and the squeals that now float around the house every so often are great!

Not much else going on really, this weekend, we are going to try to get the kids on their bikes without the stabilisers - watch this space for incident reports!

Not much scrapping has been done over the last few days, just plenty of shopping for goodies to be scrapped! I need to get my act together first and get my next essay finished. For my last one I got 70%, don't ask me how I managed it, I was prepared for 30%. Hey ho! Right I'm off to chill out before tomorrows mission .............I'll be back!

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Another week has passed!

Well, where did that week go, and how naughty am I not keeping my blog up to date!

Well, Vietnam was just a crazy place, no road ettiquette just had to close your eyes and hope for the best when you were crossing the road! Visited some amazing temples, the Mekong Delta, and plenty of shopping was done!

Not been up to much this week, had a Scrapbooking class on Thursday the latest layout is the Strike A Pose one - had great fun completing this one, lots of UTEE, and inking was used - all very messy!

Today we are off to the Boat Show, so should get some good photos there! I have plenty of new layouts planned, it's just finding the time!

Oh the new maid - is just a dream come true, she is excellent with the kids, and they adore her - it's unfortunate that the local MAID MAFIA have started to give her a bit of a hard time, but she is strong willed and not letting it get to her!

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

What a difference a Maid makes!

Well, Jerome has arrived and WOW she's seems to be fantabulous! She was shocked that my old maid had left this morning and had supposedly done the housework yesterday. Well, she set to work and it's amazing such a difference in just a couple of hours! The kids seem to like her - that's the main thing!

So while she was getting to know the kids, I got busy and completed another layout - {4 Generations},

4 Generations

which was very naughty of me as I should've completed my next assignment, which I have to do tomorrow now instead, as well as pack my bag for my trip to VIETNAM, did I mention that I was going to VIETNAM on Friday???

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Soooooo Sorry!

It's been quite some time since I last posted on here, been soooo busy, with completing an essay, scrapping, interviewing maids (that's another story), renovations in the house - quite simply crazy!

Anyway, it's all been confirmed the new maid Jerome starts tomorrow - thank goodness! Lets just hope that she settles in pretty quickly as I'm off to Vietnam on Friday and can't wait! But before I get too excited, I've still got about 600 words to complete on my next TMA due in on Friday - arrgh!

I'm also wanting to tart up this blog, upload pictures and make it look all girlie, so bear with me while the work is in progress!

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

The Earth Moved for Me Yesterday - Literally

What a strange feeling it was - yesterday at 1149am I was sat in the office, talking to a pensioner on the phone and felt the strangest dizzy feeling every! I was convinced I was going to faint! Just put it down to feeling very tired as I had taken Nicky and Harris to the airport at 4am!

Anyhow, I put a pencil down on my desk and it was rocking backwards and forwards, so that confirmed it wasn't me - it was an EARTH TREMOR!

About 2/3 mins later my boss asked me if I had felt it, which I said 'yes' he was gutted he didn't feel a thing! It was confirmed that there was a 6.6 earthquake in Central Sumatra about 420kms away from Singapore. Buildings were evacuated here, people in high rise office buildings were sick through motion sickness, it was the talk of the City for hours!

There was an aftershock about 2 hours later, that time I felt it very slightly! I wonder if there will be anymore today ..... my thoughts go out to those who were at the epicentre and lost their homes/loved ones!!!

Sunday, 4 March 2007

Cwazy Weekend!!!

It's official, those people turning 40 do really go through a mid-life crisis, so far this weekend (well, actually all on Sunday) Nicky has got a tattoo done by Johnny Two Thumbs son, and went on a reverse Bungy Ball thing!

Saturday we went to Chinatown, Kayleigh had dancing and then off to the Night Safari, so everyone was pretty tired by the time we got back at 2230hrs!

I've at last completed my TMA06 - thank goodness, it was a struggle but hopefully the next TMA won't be so bad - English Literature, more my thing!

Dreading going into work today, the system that pays all the Gurkhas decided not to work in the UK and it's impacted on my work, by me not being able to pay them their pensions ...... shall prepare myself for some angry phone calls I think!!!

Thursday, 1 March 2007

OMG!!! Nicky's 40 today!!

Well, it's finally come, she tried to escape to warmer climes to avoid being 40 but it's struck her today like lightening!!!!

It was lovely, we waited till 8am (Singapore Time), then it was officially midnight in the UK, all the kids gave Nicky her present, we went together with Harris (her son) and brought her a Tiffany bracelet - lucky woman! She must be having a mid life crisis as she's now wanting a tattoo!

Well, this afternoon we are off to Raffles for High Tea and then this evening going back to Raffles for a true Singapore Sling - damn, must I really go again!!!! Luckily though this time we've got the corporate card from the High Commission and can get 15% discount!

I've taken tomorrow off work and we are heading into the mighty town of Johore Bahru, Malaysia, just so Nicky and her son can get an additional stamp in their passports, and for a few other bits and pieces.

Right .......... curry puffs, tea, ..... gorg cakes await me ..... must dash!!!

Wednesday, 28 February 2007

What a day!!!!

Tuesday turned out to be a mega disaster on the work front, but I won't bore you with that! Today was slightly better, but not much!

Tonight we are off out to Lau Pau Sat for some Satay - yum yum!

Today is the last day of Nicky being in her 30's - she's 40 tomorrow! We are going to Raffles for High Tea to celebrate and I'm sure we will partake in a few Singapore Slings during it!

Monday, 26 February 2007

A bizaare Bar at Clarke Quay

Well, last night I went to Cafe Iguana with Julie and Nicky, a few jugs of Strawberry Magarita later and some gorgeous food we headed off to the Highlander Bar, Clarke Quay. We noticed the strangest theme bar we've ever seen .... it was called The Clinic! That should give you some idea, the seats were made out of hospital beds, there were screens set up around each section of chairs ..... and the best bits, drinks were served through IV drips!!! All agreed though that it looked to clinical to be able to relax!

Had a major disaster yesterday, worked all afternoon on my TMA (tutor marked assignment), went to save it to my thumb drive and it corrupted the file on the PC and on the thumb drive. Luckily enough I had the bare bones that I had started out with saved on my laptop at home!

Forgot to say that Kayleigh got her ears pierced about a week ago, she was so brave and just said 'Ow'.

Sunday, 25 February 2007

Just Starting Out!

Hi Everyone, and welcome to our blogspot. I feel that this will be a better place to post what's happening in the crazy world of The Fawcett's on a daily basis.

Take today for example ... I'm supposed to be doing my TMA06 for my OU course, but what am I doing instead ... yep ... you've guessed it ... setting up this Blog!!!!

You will have to bear with me, while I get used to this! I will have to work out how to upload photos and make the blog appear all fancy!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday ... I'm off to Chinatown with Nicky for a spot of retail therapy this evening after the lovely Beef Stroganoff cooking in the slow cooker .... smells yummy!