Wednesday, 7 March 2007

The Earth Moved for Me Yesterday - Literally

What a strange feeling it was - yesterday at 1149am I was sat in the office, talking to a pensioner on the phone and felt the strangest dizzy feeling every! I was convinced I was going to faint! Just put it down to feeling very tired as I had taken Nicky and Harris to the airport at 4am!

Anyhow, I put a pencil down on my desk and it was rocking backwards and forwards, so that confirmed it wasn't me - it was an EARTH TREMOR!

About 2/3 mins later my boss asked me if I had felt it, which I said 'yes' he was gutted he didn't feel a thing! It was confirmed that there was a 6.6 earthquake in Central Sumatra about 420kms away from Singapore. Buildings were evacuated here, people in high rise office buildings were sick through motion sickness, it was the talk of the City for hours!

There was an aftershock about 2 hours later, that time I felt it very slightly! I wonder if there will be anymore today ..... my thoughts go out to those who were at the epicentre and lost their homes/loved ones!!!

Sunday, 4 March 2007

Cwazy Weekend!!!

It's official, those people turning 40 do really go through a mid-life crisis, so far this weekend (well, actually all on Sunday) Nicky has got a tattoo done by Johnny Two Thumbs son, and went on a reverse Bungy Ball thing!

Saturday we went to Chinatown, Kayleigh had dancing and then off to the Night Safari, so everyone was pretty tired by the time we got back at 2230hrs!

I've at last completed my TMA06 - thank goodness, it was a struggle but hopefully the next TMA won't be so bad - English Literature, more my thing!

Dreading going into work today, the system that pays all the Gurkhas decided not to work in the UK and it's impacted on my work, by me not being able to pay them their pensions ...... shall prepare myself for some angry phone calls I think!!!

Thursday, 1 March 2007

OMG!!! Nicky's 40 today!!

Well, it's finally come, she tried to escape to warmer climes to avoid being 40 but it's struck her today like lightening!!!!

It was lovely, we waited till 8am (Singapore Time), then it was officially midnight in the UK, all the kids gave Nicky her present, we went together with Harris (her son) and brought her a Tiffany bracelet - lucky woman! She must be having a mid life crisis as she's now wanting a tattoo!

Well, this afternoon we are off to Raffles for High Tea and then this evening going back to Raffles for a true Singapore Sling - damn, must I really go again!!!! Luckily though this time we've got the corporate card from the High Commission and can get 15% discount!

I've taken tomorrow off work and we are heading into the mighty town of Johore Bahru, Malaysia, just so Nicky and her son can get an additional stamp in their passports, and for a few other bits and pieces.

Right .......... curry puffs, tea, ..... gorg cakes await me ..... must dash!!!