Thursday, 28 June 2007

What a month .... Scrapping & Mad Pensioners!

Well, I've been absent from posting on here for a while - reason is that I took part in the Amazing Loft Race, a local forum here set up an amazing race scrapping style competition. It was so much fun and I produced 7 layouts in 7 days - boy by the end of it I was totally exhausted!

These are just a few of the favourite layouts that I completed!

Now pensioners - arrgh pains in the butts! Siblings squabbling over their dead mothers pension, threatening to kill themselves, sending me total rubbish with no explanation, and just lonely ones wanting a chat ***** I declare JUNE officially, Nutty Pensioner Month *****

Lewis has his Sports Day tomorrow, and then only one more week left a school, thank goodness won't have to get up at silly o clock for 2 months - wahoo!

Monday, 11 June 2007

Evening, I've been promising myself to update more often, and more often than not forget!!!

Well, whats been happening, not much really, managed to read a book in about 3 days, done a bit of scrapping, been out and about and that's about it really!

Off to the Queens Birthday Party at the High Commissioners this week - what fun! Geoff is doing the sunset ceremony for it!

Kayleigh is now like a little mermaid in the water, so confident and Lewis isn't far behind, sure he'll be swimming very very soon!

That's about all for now .... probably be back in about another 12 days to update again!