Monday, 12 May 2008

Right do I try to run down was has happened in the last 5 months, apart from me being here there and everywhere and just not having the time to update my blog ...

Briefly ... had to go back to the UK end of February as my beloved grandad passed away - bless his soul, came back mid March, 2 weeks later had to go to Hong Kong for an annual dinner with the Ex Servicemens Association, then came back and 2 weeks later had to go back to the UK for work! Since being back it's been pretty full on trying to organise the shipment of 11 filing cabinets to the UK and the day has finally come, they leave Tuesday 13 May - wahoo!

At the moment, it's all up in the air with dates etc for us leaving Singapore, but it's supposed to be sometime in August, we shall have to wait and see.

Everyone is well, Kayleigh has to have a baby tooth removed as the adult one has come up behind it and not pushed it out, so the tooth fairy better be extra special generous on Wednesday night! Both Kayleigh and Lewis had their first Inline Skating lesson on Sunday, Lewis was a bit overwhelmed by it all, but by the end he was standing alone, and managing to get up after falling (how the instructor had taught him) ... bring on the next lesson

I so want to update my blog and make it a bit more flashy, so bear with me as I attempt to do so.