Sunday, 29 April 2007

Afternoon All, well the mission was successful and now hopefully the maid mafia will stop hassling poor Jerome! Shall I disclose how we accomplished it! Well, I left my car at work on the Thursday evening, Geoff took Lewis to school and I just laid low! I was armed with Video camera and camera. Jerome was chatting to the maid next door when the Witch turned up. It was the first time that Jerome had met her. Well, she tore into Jerome in Tagalog, so I couldn't work out what they were saying. She went there, more words were exchanged, and they agreed that it was something that happened in the past, that the furniture was to stay as MG had signed it over in front of a witness at the Philipine Embassy and that it has nothing to do with Jerome. So peace at last .... hopefully!

Today I went and had coffee with Lorna, it was nice to meet up with her as she was only in transit after being in Australia for a month, she's due to fly back tomorrow. By all accounts she has had a brilliant holiday. It was nice to see a familiar face!

Nothing else really planned for today, just trying to get a cheap and cheerful holiday to somewhere with a beach for when the Howes arrive in just over a week! My peace will be shattered! Also, want to make a start on my next essay and try to get that finished before they arrive. Have lots of scrapping that I want to do to, but I could do with another 5 hours in the day to get that accomplished.

Well, I shall be off, hope to hear from some of you soon. Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Maid Mafia

What a couple of days I've had, well, not me personally but my new maid! See she's being targeted by the old, wise maids of the estate, so much so that she's been reduced to tears the last few days!

Well, we've come up with a cunning plan, I shall not reveal too much just yet ... but it'll take place tomorrow! Let's just hope that it'll all fall into place and we put a stop to this saga!

Watch this space!

Woke up this morning with a crusty ear - lovely! Luckily I've caught an ear infection right at the first stages so hopefully some ear drops will sort it out.

Kayleigh and Lewis are loving the new maid and adore her to pieces. It's great to come home to happy kids and the squeals that now float around the house every so often are great!

Not much else going on really, this weekend, we are going to try to get the kids on their bikes without the stabilisers - watch this space for incident reports!

Not much scrapping has been done over the last few days, just plenty of shopping for goodies to be scrapped! I need to get my act together first and get my next essay finished. For my last one I got 70%, don't ask me how I managed it, I was prepared for 30%. Hey ho! Right I'm off to chill out before tomorrows mission .............I'll be back!

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Another week has passed!

Well, where did that week go, and how naughty am I not keeping my blog up to date!

Well, Vietnam was just a crazy place, no road ettiquette just had to close your eyes and hope for the best when you were crossing the road! Visited some amazing temples, the Mekong Delta, and plenty of shopping was done!

Not been up to much this week, had a Scrapbooking class on Thursday the latest layout is the Strike A Pose one - had great fun completing this one, lots of UTEE, and inking was used - all very messy!

Today we are off to the Boat Show, so should get some good photos there! I have plenty of new layouts planned, it's just finding the time!

Oh the new maid - is just a dream come true, she is excellent with the kids, and they adore her - it's unfortunate that the local MAID MAFIA have started to give her a bit of a hard time, but she is strong willed and not letting it get to her!

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

What a difference a Maid makes!

Well, Jerome has arrived and WOW she's seems to be fantabulous! She was shocked that my old maid had left this morning and had supposedly done the housework yesterday. Well, she set to work and it's amazing such a difference in just a couple of hours! The kids seem to like her - that's the main thing!

So while she was getting to know the kids, I got busy and completed another layout - {4 Generations},

4 Generations

which was very naughty of me as I should've completed my next assignment, which I have to do tomorrow now instead, as well as pack my bag for my trip to VIETNAM, did I mention that I was going to VIETNAM on Friday???

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Soooooo Sorry!

It's been quite some time since I last posted on here, been soooo busy, with completing an essay, scrapping, interviewing maids (that's another story), renovations in the house - quite simply crazy!

Anyway, it's all been confirmed the new maid Jerome starts tomorrow - thank goodness! Lets just hope that she settles in pretty quickly as I'm off to Vietnam on Friday and can't wait! But before I get too excited, I've still got about 600 words to complete on my next TMA due in on Friday - arrgh!

I'm also wanting to tart up this blog, upload pictures and make it look all girlie, so bear with me while the work is in progress!