Thursday, 10 July 2008

A message for Isabella!

Blimey, what's wrong with me, two posts in one day .... actually I'm finding it very easy uploading photos via Picasa, so here Isabella, here are photos of Kayleigh and Lewis for you to see.

They are both so very excited about returning to the UK, especially after I showed them the house we will be living in on Google Earth and just how close the park is.

I've even managed to persuade them that the school uniforms aren't that bad, but no matter how much I tell Lewis that it's going to be cold, he still asks if he will be wearing shorts to school - ah bless!

Also they are soooooooo excited to meet the "new" baby when they decide to make an appearance, and so am I and Geoff too, as we missed all the "baby" stuff with Isabella!

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jakey said...

Oooh... I just had to pop in and see what living in Singapore looks like....:-)

jk x